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Pandy Sweet Hearts
Delight your delicate tastebuds with our scrumptious sweet and sourish gummy candy. A mix of red and green gummy hearts with a taste of raspberry and pear.

Hippy Fizz Tropical Cocktail
Porter’s Gin, Tropical Shrub, Patchouli and Hop Soda. 250ml canned cocktail. 5.7% Alc/Vol.

Super Blossom Hydrating Facial
A deluxe at-home treatment, featuring 3 steps; a Rose Facial Scrub, Super Blossom Sheet Mask and a Hibiscus Moisturiser creating a divine full facial from the comfort of your home. Step one gently scrubs the skin with non-drying pH5.5 scrub, followed by step 2, our Super Blossom Sheet Mask and finished off with a Hibiscus Moisturiser to hydrate. See hydrating facial for more information

Mani in a Box - Vitamin Recharge
VOESH spa manicure collection in a three-step treatment. A simple, effective deluxe manicure without the need for water! Simply remove each product with a warm mitt for maximum results, minimum hassle!

Lip Mask
An ultra-hydrating lip mask to help plump and repair. A vegan-friendly lip mask that uses a multi-molecular hyaluronic acid complex to boost your lips retention of moisture, and assist in repairing damage. See Lip Mask for more information.

Coco Chocolatier Lavender Milk Chocolate 80g Bar. 
Is there a plant more calming than Lavender? Used in aromatherapy for hundreds of years it has a blissfully soothing effect on our state of mind. When combined with rich milk chocolate it transforms it into a dream-like snack worthy of the Gods themselves. Perfect for those who like subtle floral flavour in their chocolate. 40% milk chocolate. Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.